Teesside Refinery, United Kingdom

Tees Valley is a world class, “plug and play” location providing the necessary infrastructure, reagents and materials for Peak Rare Earth’s refinery.

A high-grade rare earth concentrate (45% TREO) will be shipped to our planned rare earth refinery in the Tees Valley, United Kingdom. The refinery will produce NdPr Oxide and other separated rare earth products for distribution to key European and Asian end markets. The Tees Valley is an established industrial and chemical processing zone, which benefits from existing infrastructure and utilities.

The site is located within the Wilton International Site (Wilton) and 3km from the Teesport deep-water port. Wilton is a large-scale industrial park that has existing access to reliable competitively priced power, utilities and services. The Teesport deepwater port is the third largest UK port by volume, has existing capacity to receive rare earth mineral concentrate and reagents, and is close to several facilities that can manage waste residue from the refining process.

The site is also located within the Teesside designated Freeport area. Following recent announcements by the UK Government, freeport areas are expected to benefit from lower tariffs and customs charges, simplified customs procedures, and tax breaks to encourage investment and government support to promote regeneration and innovation.


Tees Valley (UK)

Life of Operation

20+ years

Flowsheet Design:

Alkali-roast, acid leaching and solvent extraction


NdPr Oxide (2N Purity):

3,000tpa – 3,500tpa

Lanthanum Carbonate (Ox eq):

4,500tpa – 5,300tpa

Cerium Carbonate (Ox eq):

2,000tpa – 2,400tpa

SEG & Mixed Heavy Carbonate (Ox eq):

300tpa – 400tpa

Key points of attraction of the Teesside location include access to a deep-water port and global shipping routes, cheap and reliable bulk reagent supplies (particularly hydrochloric acid and caustic soda), reliable renewable energy solutions, a skilled labour force, readily available power, water and environmentally sustainable options to dispose of tailings materials.


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